The 2018 Skills Clinic Schedule

Check back regularly for updates!!

Want to learn handstands, cartwheels, dismounts, jumps & other Gymsters skills? Sign up for the beam clinic where students will spend more time on their hands than on their feet!
Time to work on standing and power tumbling from cartwheels to saltos. Have a goal? Let us know we can work on it!
Let’s build muscle together! A full hour of gymnastics specific strength training.
Bring in your kiddos for extra gymnastics! While themes are fun & our imaginations are always at work, clinics differs from your weekly class by focusing primarily on foundational floor skills like rolls, cartwheels and handstands. Beam Clinic will include additional time on beam to encourage balance and confidence on a surface 3 feet in the air! $10
Join us to improve your Gymsters bar skills: pullovers, circling skills, casting & more!
Build speed and agility during the hour for vault skills! Lots of board technique and handstand shapes.

Gym-Fit Sports Center offers a variety of gymnastics, tumbling, cheer and custom clinics. With our state of the art facility and our experienced and professional staff, students will get that extra training they need. We have beginner-advanced tumbling clinics throughout the year.

Gym-Fit Sports Center Ninja Zone Program also offers ninja training specific clinics monthly! If you need a specific skill to attain your next level, then sign up for one of these fun clinics!

For ninjas who want extra practice to expand their skills. Led by Coach Emily, ninjas will learn drills and proper fundamentals for front flips, backflips and side flips
Ninjas will learn how to fluidly make their way over obstacles by hurdling over them with their hands and/or feet

If you would like to schedule a school/team/group private clinic just call the main office for details and special pricing at (704) 817-8654.

*PARENTS: All participants under the age of 18 must have their legal parent or guardian fill out and sign a Gym-Fit Sports Center Waiver and Release form in order to participate – No Exceptions. If your child is currently attending classes at Gym-Fit Sports, we already have your signed waiver on file.

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