Homeschool Gymnastics/Ninja Zone

Homeschool Gymnastics/Ninja Zone Classes

Children become physically fit and develop skills they can use for a lifetime while having FUN!

Our Homeschool Gymnastics/Ninja Zone program offers a safe and fun environment for girls and boys, ages 5 & up.

Homeschool classes are 55 Minutes in length and are offered at an exclusive reduced rate during non-peak hours. There is no registration fee.


Homeschool Gymnastics

Our homeschool classes are designed to instruct gymnastics to girls ages 5 & up. Classes will teach the basics & fundamentals on all 4 women's events (vault, bars, beam & floor) as well as trampoline, strength, flexibility and of course, fun!

Homeschool Ninja Zone

Our Homeschool Ninja Zone classes incorporate gymnastics, obstacle course training and martial arts. Classes are centered around various kicks, flips, rolls and strength and agility exercises to help assist in the development of awesome kids!

Miss a class? Don't lose money, make up during any open gym session on most Fridays during the month (7:00-9:00pm). Any others joining your homeschooler may pay our rate of $10 for active student & $15 for non-current students.