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Virtual Classes

Keeping active from the comfort of your home!

Gymnastics and Ninja class options for kids ages 1 & up without leaving their home!

Virtual Clinics

Our Virtual Clinics Provide variety and specialization to many of the core aspects of gymnastics and ninja. Drop into as little or as many as you’d like each week.
  • Building and fine-tuning skills you have been introduced to
  • Master your cardio levels and mental strength from home
  • Want to bring a friend or a cousin from another city? Ask us, we will help you!
  • Want to knock it out solo? Do it! It’s all up to you!
Powerhouse (Ages 5 & up)

High energy 30 minutes set up to burn energy and make them sweat! Who doesn’t love getting strong?

All Things Graceful (Ages 5 & up)

All things balance, Flexibility, Posture & Range of Motion

Kicks, Core & Vaults Galore (Ages 5 & up)

Strengthen your kicks and keep your balance, smoothly glide over any obstacle you can think of, and helping you develop abs of steel!

Handstand Helper (Ages 5 & up)

Join us to gain strength and coordination to help with your handstand!

Virtual Class pricing

Choose your package below!
1, 2 or 3 class a week options!
Choose the package that’s best for your family and then choose individual classes by level below.

Schedules are flexible, you can choose different class times each week!

Star 1 Gymnastics (ages 1 – 3)

This parent involvement virtual class focuses on developmental milestones that your child would typically work towards in the gym. These interactive lessons will provide movement patterns and sequencing. Together we will help your child learn through motion. All props and stations are able to be created in the comfort of your home.

(My Little Shadow and Tiny FitKids)

Star 2 Gymnastics (Ages 3 – 5)

This class will bring some of the gymnastics lessons home to continue the education of fundamental gymnastics. Children of this age learn through play and their motor development enhances ultimate brain functioning. We ask parents to assist with setup and home props, but no spotting.

(Mini and Junior FitKids)

Star 3 Gymnastics (Ages 5 & up)

Children at this age are diligently learning from home and may be very stationary for hours at a time. This class will break up the monotony of sitting and learning and allow them to burn some of their energy by learning through motion. Motor development is key to optimum brain functioning and will help keep them happy and healthy as they sweat out their energy and release those endorphins.

(Kinder FitKids, Green Gymsters & Blue Gymsters)

Star 4 Gymnastics & Tumbling (6 & up)

Kids at this level are used to spending no less than one hour in the gym and have at this point mastered many gymnastics skills. Star 4 will give them practice time to decrease the loss of skill by drilling their muscle memory and strength during this time of suspended activities. Log on for time with their coaches.

(Magenta Gymsters, Silver Gymsters & all Tumblers)

Bronze Ninja Star (ages 3 – 5)

Bronze Ninja Star classes will be based on the Lil Ninja curriculum, will range from ages 3-5 and include progressions to beginner skills to improve body awareness and understanding of basic movements. For example: a crab walk is a fundamental drill for a bridge, a bear crawl is a fundamental drill for a handstand, and so on

(Lil Ninjas)

Silver Ninja Star (Ages 5 & up)

Silver Ninja Star classes will be based on the White Level Ninja curriculum and be focused on learning and improving coordination and spatial awareness. Some skills include ninja rolls, handstands, bridges, etc.

(White Level Ninjas)

Gold Ninja Star (Ages 5 & up)

Gold Ninja Star classes will be based on the Yellow and up level ninja curriculum and will focus on the fluidity of movement and safety becoming instinctual. Ninjas will learn to smoothly maneuver through various kicks, rolls, cartwheels, vaults, etc. 

(Yellow, Green and Blue Ninjas)

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